This year at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Embody brought to you a new creative and immersive experience: Personalized Spatial Audio™. By taking a single photo of your ear, Immerse™, Embody's software, defines your own hearing profile from the anatomy of your ear, giving you a customized auditory setting on your headset that has never been done before.

"We call it Immerse™ because you feel like you are immersed into the environment. You feel that you are part of that environment." - Akshat Jain, Software Developer for Embody.

Take a look behind the scenes at the Embody booth, where the team brought spatial sound demos for PC gaming, Console Gaming, Virtual Reality and DAW platforms.




Summon the power of Immerse in your ears. Hear your enemies before they hear you.  Find your enemies before they find you.


It is time to liberate you. In a battle for victory, no one will ever sneak up on you. Hear it all because one bullet can change your destiny.



Check out exclusive games on PC and VR with personalized spatial audio created with our Google Resonance SDK.

SpatialMix Black Wordonly.png

My Ears, My Sound


Re-discover your mixes as truly immersive sound worlds with SpatialMix, an audio plugin suite for your DAW.

With audio personalized for your ears, you’ll reveal the true details from your recordings and expand your story into new dimensions.

Featuring “in flow” for VR

Experience “In Flow” co-creative visual sound experience personalized from your motion to your ears, developed by Embody™ in collaboration with Noosensart.

An exclusive multimedia collaboration between Embody™ and Noosenart, In Flow demonstrates an interactive visual experience with intuitive, live visual sound. By taking VR and the live visual experience to the next level, the player creates “In” immersion, by feeling surrounded by the audio landscape, bridging live, intuitive visuals and 3D spatialization audio. As the player travels through the sakura tunnel experience, they control the “Flow” of lyrical hooks by triggering trails in the track, separating different audio channels to create a visual bath around the player. Spaces 3D, French electro track composed by Hitonic.