As passionate musicians, gamers, and sound designers, we're driven to perfect our craft by fusing acoustics and machine learning.

We create sound experiences that your ears were made to hear. 
Sound crafted for you, not for the masses.

We are Embody

Executive Portrait square Shruti Badhwar VP.jpg

Shruti Badhwar

Co-founder & VP of Data Science

Dru Front.jpg

Dru Blumensheid

Video Director & Social Media Manager


Ira Bolden

Vice President of Asia Pacific & Japan Region

Kieran Front.jpg

Kieran Coulter

Principal Engineer, Audio Software Development

Akshat Front.jpg

Akshat Jain

Research Engineer & Software Ninja

Kapil Front.jpg

Kapil Jain

Co-founder & CEO

Marielle Front.jpg

Marielle Jakobsons

VP Creative Direction and Production

Nikhil Front.jpg

Nikhil Javeri

Research Engineer

Saarish Front2.jpg

Saarish Kareer

Acoustics & Machine Learning Engineer

Greg Front.jpg

Gregory Lewis

Co-founder & COO

Faiyadh Front.jpg

Faiyadh Shahid

Research Engineer and Software Ninja

Nidhi Front.jpg

Nidhi Sikarwar

Research Scientist - Machine Learning and Physical Modeling

Kaushik Front.jpg

Kaushik Sunder

Principal Research Scientist - Audio and Acoustics


Will Wong

Software Engineer



Dummy Head Extraordinaire


Bubbles the Magic Dog

Team Mascot & Giggle Factory


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